Hello!  I am Crystal Allen, a fine art photographer & nature enthusiast.  I create fine art portraits of women utilizing natural light.  I travel all over the US, meeting amazing women and making images that showcase their spirit and erotic femininity.  My portraits are of women for women.  They are a celebration, and are meant to inspire.  This doesn't mean that they cannot be enjoyed by men, it just means that I make them with the intention of inspiring women to celebrate themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.  

     I will be posting most of my photos on my Patreon page.  There is a link in the main menu above if you are interested in seeing them.  If you aren't familiar with it, I'll fill you in. It's an incredible (and certainly not new) idea around artists and their patrons. It's a way to support artists so that they can put their art out into the world. And this website is a community of artists of all kinds, and people who love art of all kinds, and it links them up together. The artist's patrons get digital access to their art, exclusive behind the scenes look at how work is made, and actual physical art works. It's pretty awesome. I support one of my favorite photographers there--at $5 a month, and it feels like, even in the smallest way, I had a part in the creation of his work.  Check it out--and even if you don't support me (through the website), consider supporting another artist. It's really cool. And if you do choose to support me, you can have access to more of the images that I create. The full sets--not just the single images that I post on Instagram. You also can get prints, photo nerd details of the shoots themselves (equipment used, how the light was, techniques), behind the scenes video/pictures, and lots more. Consider it--But either way, click this link--I posted a full set there (and only there) of one of my favorite shoots of all time that I shot this year. It's of Rachel Dashae at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, CO.


Anya Nees / Fred Hart / David Dalem

You guys are amazing, and make what I do even more possible.  xo

I will always continue to learn and love photography, traveling to where ever it takes me.  I am based in Los Angeles, CA with my husband and son.